Beyond Ordinary

Contemporary Women Makers

Exhibition Opening Sunday 13th February 2022.
The exhibition will open on Sunday, February 13th, 2022, and will run until April 3rd, 2022.

To encourage more women to participate in an area mostly defined by male gender stereotyping, it is important for women to support other women, to educate, represent and be a role model to show these opportunities exist and that anything is possible. Women are under-represented in many aspects of our society, particularly at the highest echelons of artistic practice, this is an opportunity to make some redress to this situation.
Understanding that the field of timber design and make has historically been dominated by men, this curated exhibition will showcase the work of women, exploring an approach to fine woodworking embedded in questions of technique, utility, and the built environment.
The exhibition is intended to show the breadth of the current field of woodworking, and how these makers are responding to the world around them. The exhibition will present a range of objects; one-off works to batch products, representing different technical approaches and scales.

While this is primarily an exhibition for Women in Wood it is intended that the exhibition will also include complementary media. To see who the participating artists visit our webpage at;

The exhibition gallery (Sturt Gallery at Mittagong) has a reputation for and a long-established connection with excellence in the field of art craft. The associated school is recognised internationally as an outstanding school of wood whose graduates, are recognised for high-level skills of design and creativity.


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