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 I grew up in Tasmania and have strong ties to its landscape and trees, although I live in Brisbane. I have been working with timber since1985.
Although largely self-taught, I spent a lot of time seeking out people who were prepared to take me in and teach me all aspects of woodworking. This ensured I was able to get the skills and knowledge to work to a high standard. I’m forever grateful to them as I could find nowhere prepared to take on a young woman as an apprentice. I became completely absorbed and eventually set up my own business.
I worked independently as a maker and designer of furniture and small decorative pieces in Brisbane, working for interior designers and exhibiting in several small galleries. I took on a part-time role with woodworking supplies company, Carbatec, this lasted for nearly 15 years. It gave me the opportunity to teach woodworking, train staff in the use of tools and write woodworking articles for online and print publication. The Australian Wood Review have published several articles and I continue to write for them. In 2020 I published articles in 3 of their 4 editions. I am very proud to have been the first woman on the cover of AWR in issue #26.
In 2013 I decided to return to the workshop full time and focus on some different aspects of my work. I had fallen out of love with joinery and the putting together of components and wanted to focus on the removal of material using only hand tools. Since then, carving has been my sole focus. I have a studio in Brisbane, where I produce small work and teach spoon carving and small whittling projects, encouraging people to experience the pleasure of creating something with their own hands from some of our beautiful Australian timber.